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Death Knight: Closed

Druid: Open Balance

Hunter: Open

Mage: Open

Monk: Closed

Paladin: Closed

Priest: Open (Shadow)

Rogue: Closed

Shaman: Open (Elemental)

Warlock: Closed

Warrior: Closed

Realm Rank
Mythic T17 Progression

Kargath Bladefist

The Butcher



Twin Ogron


Imperator Mar'gok

Blackrock Foundry



Beastlord Darmak

Hans'gar and Franzok

Operator Thogar

The Blast Furnace


The Iron Maidens


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Mythic Twin Ball Bags and Barack Osporen down!
20/01/2015 11:00 PM by Soops

After the Christmas break, we were in on Twins pretty quickly and managed to kill them without much issue. Brackenspore on the other hand took a bit longer due to unfortunate comps and excessive amounts of alcohol. Regardless, big well done to everyone on the kill! On to Tectus..


Imperator HC and Kargath Mythic down!
21/12/2014 11:33 PM by Soops

After people decided to play properly, Mar'gok and Kargath fell pretty quickly. With some decent attempts on Twin Ogron as well, it looks we're set for a few kills after the Christmas break!

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Farewell 10 man!
12/10/2014 10:16 PM by Soops

With 6.0 arriving on Wednesday, it's a goodbye to 10 man raiding for now. A big thank you to our team who made progressing through the expansion possible and achieving our position as the servers best guild.

Let's hit the ground running with Mythic and let the good times continue!


Garrosh is finally down.
08/06/2014 10:13 PM by Jarui


A Brief Update!
04/04/2014 02:15 AM by Leyati

Just a little update from us as we haven't posted anything in a while.

Siegecrafter and Paragons have been down a while now. Unfortunately we have been very unlucky with peoples availability and are still working on Garrosh. Watch this space for the kill!

We are still recruiting for Warlords and have a few gaps in the roster we would like to fill. With the Alpha out and a Beta likely around the corner, our recruitment needs may change as people decide to reroll or we decide to fill in holes in the roster in other ways with various changes to buffs and debuffs so please check back if your class isn't open right now. Additionally, if you think you have what it takes and your class is closed, please consider applying anyway, we will always consider exceptional candidates for every class and role.

We are also still selling Challenge Mode boosts! Please contact us in-game for more information and to discuss pricing. Our group is efficient and fun with a lot of happy buyers already so do not miss out on your chance to get your Challenge Mode rewards before they are removed.


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